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Streampeak’s vision is that influencers should be able to focus on providing entertainment for their viewers. We want to help them with everything else. We want to offer help with finding sponsors, negotiating deals, setting up partnerships, legal help, financial help, networking and developing your channel and grow your audience, and anything you might need! We will never demand exclusivity, you are free to work with whoever you want, whenever you want. We want to make our products good enough that you don’t want to work with anyone else. We believe in transparency, we’ll always let you know what we do with you data, how we’re developing our products and how we are earning our living.

We don’t like the current advertisement climate where ads are forced on the viewer, damaging the experience. Sponsorships should be entertaining and engaging, adding to the viewer experience. If it’s not a win-win, we won’t do it. We will never do sponsorships relating to gambling, military or other unethical activities.

In short, we work for the influencers. If we can make your life easier, we’re happy!
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We can help you find the right twitch influencer for your specific need. We can help with creating campaigns, finding, contacting and managing influencers. Are you new to twitch? New to influencer marketing? No problem, we will help you with anything you need.

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We help streamers grow their channels and earn a living by entertaining their viewers.

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We help brands reach a gaming audience via influencers.

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We help developers and streamers work together.

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